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Free Certification Course “Climate Change: Understand. Reflect. Empathize. Act.”
Event Date: 
Fri, 2021/06/11 - Fri, 2021/12/31

“Climate Change: Understand. Reflect. Empathize. Act.” is designed for learners of 13 years and above and takes them through various aspects of climate change. It not only introduces them to the key concepts of climate science and the global policy discourse but also guides them through some simulations, games, and interactive activities to help build key social and emotional awareness. The course is the result of a collaboration between UNESCO MGIEP and Dr. Maria Ojala, PhD, Associate Professor (docent) in psychology, School of Law, Psychology, and Social Work-Örebro University.


Climate Change is a self-paced course, with 8 modules that are expected to take learners 20 hours to complete. Students can learn at home, or in classrooms (virtual or physical), at their own pace. A participation certificate is awarded to everyone who undertakes the course. In addition, a combination of live workshop sessions and a self-paced module are available for in-service teachers to easily implement the course in their classrooms.