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State Program on Countering Religious Extremism and Terrorism in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2018 - 2022
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Astana | 2018 | 19 p., 22 p.
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Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Asia y el Pacífico

The document contains the main provisions of the State program on countering religious extremism and terrorism in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2018 - 2022.
The geopolitical changes taking place in the world initiate a new spectrum of challenges and risks in the field of national security, which is becoming more diverse and emanating from a greater number of sources of danger. This determines the complexity and relevance of the tasks within the framework of a systematic prevention of threats of religious extremism and terrorism.
Under these conditions, the current national system of combating religious extremism and terrorism needs to be further improved in the context of creating a mechanism for reliable protection of individuals, society and the state from extremist manifestations of a violent nature and threats of terrorism.


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Extremism; Religious extremism; Violence; Terrorism; Human rights; Culture of peace; Peace building