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The Problem of Religious Tolerance and Religious Education: An Analytical Theoretical Study (The Arab World - Lebanon as an Example)
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Algeria | 2019 | 36 p.
Faten Alskafi
Arab States
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The present study aims to identify the concept of tolerance, defining it and raising the problem around it, especially in the Arab world. The importance of this study is due to the importance of this concept itself because its absence will lead to intolerance and violence. The study presents the reasons for the absence of this concept and its ambiguity in the Arab world and its obstacles, with a focus on the factors of its inception, especially on the role of religious education, which is considered one of the most dangerous factors in the development of trends intolerance or tolerance and thus in promoting the values of citizenship among students in different schools.

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Case studies and research papers
Cultural literacy / Intercultural / Cross-cultural / Multi-cultural
Peace / Culture of peace
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Higher education


Tolerance; Religious education