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Guide to Psychological and Educational Support for Displaced Children in Conditions of Wars and Disasters
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Tunisia | 2019 | 93 p.
Abdullah Almajadel
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Arab States
© ALECSO 2019

To activate the ALECSO initiative to educate Arab children in conflict zones, and in response to the need of millions of Arab children who were forced to leave their homes and schools due to the tensions, conflicts and wars that the Arab region has known in recent years, ALECSO launched this publication. As part of its efforts in this field to address the educational gap in order to enable learning facilitators, educators and families to accompany children and help them overcome the psychological and educational damage caused by the traumatic events they knew, ALECSO put in this publication strategies and plans to help displaced students due to war and conflicts.

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Toolkits and practical guides
Human rights / Human dignity
Peace / Culture of peace
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Lifelong learning


Wars; Conflict areas; Refugees