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The History, Practice and Thinking of the Development of Italian Civic Education
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Beijing | 2020 | p. 83-89
ISSN 1003-7667
An Yangchao; Jia Lishuai
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International and Comparative Education
Asia y el Pacífico
Europa y América del Norte
©安阳朝, 贾利帅 2020

Italian civic education has a long history and has gone through three historical stages, namely, the period of dissociation between the government and the Catholic church, the period of politicization and the period of development under the background of “global citizenship”. Related measures taken by the government include Italian civic education courses, schools and multi-organizations to carry out civic education practice activities, and expanding the off-campus civic education path and other ways. As a whole, it shows the characteristics of changing from “non-standard” to “policy”, from “training learning” to “experiential learning”, from “single school curriculum” to “diversified subject participation”.


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Artículos de revistas
Cívico / ciudadanía / democracia
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Educación Secundaria
Educación no formal

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Italy; Civic education; Politicization; Civic education courses