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Between Transmission and Conflict Mediation: On the Handling of “Problematic” Forms of Appropriation of Nazi History in Multicultural School Classes
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Weinheim; Munich | 2000 | pp.1-18
ISBN 978-3-7799-1410-5
Bernd Fechler
Europe and North America

The original title: Zwischen Tradierung und Konfliktvermittlung: Über den Umgang mit “Problematischen” Aneignungsformen der NS-Geschichte in Multikulturellen Schulklassen

(Erziehung nach Auschwitz” in der multikulturellen Gesellschaft: Pädagogische und soziologische Annäherungen, pp.1-18)


Discussion of the challenges of Holocaust education a multicultural setting, based on a case when a German 10th grade class visited an exhibition about the Nazi period, something which led to an intense conflict between “German” and “immigrant” students.

The above abstract is taken from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Education Research Project. Please also consult the full list of abstracts in 15 languages and the accompanying publication Research in Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust: A Dialogue Beyond Borders. Ed: IHRA, Monique Eckmann, Doyle Stevick, Jolanta Ambrosewicz-Jacobs, 2017, Metropol Verlag at

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Case studies and research papers
Cultural literacy / Intercultural / Cross-cultural / Multi-cultural
Inclusive / Diversity
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Secondary education


Genocide; Cultural diversity; Muticulturalism
Holocaust; Holocaust education; Interkulturelle erziehung