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Citizenship and Citizenship Education: Gabonese Secondary School Teachers’ Point of Views
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Québec | 2013 | p. 203-222
ISSN 1916-0666 (numérique)
René Casimir Zoo Eyindanga
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McGill Journal of Education

The purpose of this paper is to identify the meanings that secondary school teachers (male and female) in Gabon give to citizenship and citizenship education. Sixty teachers, many of whom teach citizenship education, were surveyed. Set against a background of new social demands, the context of democracy is discussed, the latter requiring a renewed critical look at citizenship education in schools. The points of view expressed by the teachers taking part in the study echo their personal and professional experiences. Although open to participation, they reflect a normative conceptualization of citizenship education as well as an obligation to ensure a stronger citizenship education despite social and educational obstacles.

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Declarations, statements and normative instruments
Journal articles
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
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Secondary education


Civic education; Global citizenship education
Éducation civique; Education à la citoyenneté mondiale