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Development of classroom hour for a healthy lifestyle for students of 6-11 grades: Methodical guide for teachers
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Kyrgyzstan | 2014 | 248 p.
ISBN 978–9967–31–208–1
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Ministry of Education and Science in Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Academy of Education(Министерство образования и науки Кыргызской Республики Кыргызская академия образования)
Asia and the Pacific

This manual has been developed to help pedagogical workers of educational institutions (class teachers, subject teachers) to conduct class hours in a healthy lifestyle using educational videos on the following basic topics: (1) the characteristics of adolescence, (2) the concept of "gender ", “Gender” and “gender equality”, (3) prevention of the consumption of psychoactive substances, (4) decision making and resistance to peer pressure, (5) love and sexual relations, (6) reproductive health and contraception, (7) HIV prevention, (8) interpersonal relationships and conflict resolution, (9) trolling and cyberbulling.



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Teaching and learning materials
Toolkits and practical guides
Preventing violent extremism
Inclusive / Diversity
Sustainable development / Sustainability / Environmental
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Secondary education


Preventing violent extremism; sustainable development