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Education on Citizenship and Human Rights
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Taourirt, Morocco | 2010 |
محمد حالي
Arab States

This article presents definitions for the determinants of the concept of education on citizenship, in its three principles, using Morocco as a background, considering that education on citizenship aims at “Developing awareness of the rights and responsibilities, both individual and collective, training on practicing it and that citizenship derives its social function from its contribution to the formation of the human being/citizen who is capable of carrying forward the modernizing and developmental effort of his country, at a time where the citizens’ expectations  and the living requirements of today’s world are growing”.

The three dimensions of the definition are: 1) the philosophic and value dimension; 2) the legal and political dimension; 3) the social and cultural dimension. In addition, the article deals with the parameters that complement each other in presenting the concept: 1) Education on citizenship with its different definitions; 2) The attributes of the Good Citizen and the declared values in the Moroccan “National Charter of Education and Training” (namely the Islamic values, values of the civil identity, identity values and human rights values); 3) the aims of education on citizenship; 4) the objectives of education on citizenship; 5) The relevant reference capacities; 6) Means and ways of implementing the objectives; 7) the relationship between education on citizenship and the education on human rights. The article concludes by pointing that education on citizenship in practiced through three main channels that synergize and integrate their objectives: the family, the social environment and the school”.

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