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Education for Global Citizenship in a Postcolony: Lessons from Cameroon
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Bonn | 2015 | p. 20-25
ISSN 0935-8161
Michael Foaleng
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Éducation des adultes et développement

Global citizenship is only possible where individuals are able to engage locally in the identification and solution of their basic problems. The postcolonial education system of Cameroon, with its outdated teaching methods, produces poor scholars, who identify with the adult world through attitudes of hesitancy. We have not yet learned to be a citizen here. This is why citizenship education is currently recognised as a necessity. But its effectiveness presupposes that it is addressed not only to young people but to adults as well. One of the major challenges is to create an appropriate pedagogy for this purpose.

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Case studies and research papers
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Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
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Primary education
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Civic education; Global commons; Multicultural citizenship; GCED
Citoyenneté; Éducation; ECM