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Global Digital Citizenship: Quick Start Guide
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| | 15 p.
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Global Digital Citizen Foundation

What does it mean to be a Global Digital Citizen? Who is this person and what do they stand for? What makes them true global leaders and creators? The journey to understanding begins here, with the Global Digital Citizen Quickstart Guide.
This is the final book in the GDCF's Fluency Quickstart series. This guide explores the skills and practices that make an exemplary Global Digital Citizen.
With this Quickstart Guide you can:


  • Explore the tenets of global citizenship

  • Develop unique skills and mindsets

  • Measure student progress

  • Create challenging PBL lessons

  • Become a great global digital citizen


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Toolkits and practical guides
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Media and Information Literacy
Cultural literacy / Intercultural / Cross-cultural / Multi-cultural
Sustainable development / Sustainability / Environmental
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Primary education
Secondary education


Digital Citizenship; Global Citizenship
Altruistic Service; Environmental Stewardship; GCED