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Globalization and Its Impact on the Concept of Identity
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Amman | 2017 | 48:12 (48min 12sec)
Hisham Ghassib
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Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation
Arab States

The Abdul Hameed Shoman Cultural Foundation Forum, on 7/8/2017, hosted the Jordanian thinker, Dr. Hisham Ghosseb in a lecture entitled "Globalization and its Impact on the Concept of Identity", presented by Dr. Maher Al-Sarraf.
This video is a lecture in which the lecturer talks about globalization and its impact. The lecturer discusses the concept of globalization, its ideologies, and the extent of its impact on identity.


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Teaching and learning materials
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International understanding / Globalisation / International education / Interdependency
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Non-formal education


Globalization; International understanding; Identity