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Good practices in education for sustainable development: teacher education institutions
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Toronto | 2007 | 53p
Rosalyn McKeown
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York University; International Network of Teacher-education Institutions
Europe and North America
Latin America and the Caribbean
Asia and the Pacific

The case studies in this document reflect individual and institutional efforts to reorient curriculum, programs, practices, and policies to address sustainability at institutions of teacher education. The studies come from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Europe, and North America. The case studies deal with professional development for in-service teachers, curriculum revision at the pre-service level, research with students in a local school, greening of a building and its garden, creating a network of universities, starting a journal, and creating new undergraduate and graduate programs. The diversity of efforts is broad; the impact is deep. The dedication of teacher educators around the world is evident on every page of this document.

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Case studies and research papers
Sustainable development / Sustainability / Environmental


teacher education; education for sustainable development; teacher education schools; teacher education curriculum; case studies
Jamaica; UK; Pakistan; Taiwan China; Latvia; South Africa; sustainable development; sustainability; environmental education; global citizenship education