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The Ideology of the Rights of Children and the Reality in Sub-Saharan Africa: What Are the Mobilizing Paradigms?
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Montréal | 2017 | p. 69-83
ISSN 2561-1488 (numérique)
Étienne Kola
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Éthique en éducation et en formation

Human rights are a heritage of humanity. The ideology that underpins it is based on a humanist presupposition that makes a constant imprescriptible human dignity. The rights of the child which are a specific application of the human rights are often massive violations that offend the common sense. The situation in sub-saharian Africa is still disturbing that poverty, armed conflict and certain socio-cultural heaviness are stumbling blocks to the effective enjoyment of rights by children. The consequences of the violations all azimuths of these rights are so heavy to amount to a human and social tragedy in this continent. Strategies for eradication of this phenomenon require activation of the legal mechanisms and operational law enforcement but also the integration of the humanistic, personalistic and Existentialist rationalities in the African educational systems. Ethical and humanistic thoughts could influence even the most rigid minds.

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Advocacy materials
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Human rights / Human dignity
Social justice / Equity
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Higher education


Child; Rights; Violation; Humanism; Personalism; Education
Enfant; Droit; Violation; Personnalisme; Humanisme; Éducation