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Indigenous Peoples’ Right to Education
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Paris | 2019 | 57 p.
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Latin America and the Caribbean

Among the many inequalities that indigenous peoples face, the lack of access to quality education is particularly blatant. The 2030 Agenda commitment to ‘leave no one behind’, brings new impetus to ensure that indigenous peoples’ priorities are heard. In 2017, UNESCO adopted the Policy on engaging with indigenous peoples. Concurrently, as part of its mandate, UNESCO monitors the implementation of the 1960 Convention and Recommendation against Discrimination in Education. During the Ninth Consultation on the implementation of this instrument, several Member States reported upon measures they have taken in relation to the right to education for indigenous peoples. This document (Indigenous Peoples’ Right to Education: Overview of the Measures Supporting the Right to Education for Indigenous Peoples Reported by Member States in the Context of the Ninth Consultation on the 1960 Convention and Recommendation against Discrimination in Education) compiles practical examples extracted from these reports for information sharing and advocacy.


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Advocacy materials
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Indigenous peoples; Educational discrimination; Right to education; Fact sheet