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Introductory News Literacy: Adapted from High Five 2012: The Integrated Language Arts and Journalism Curriculum for Middle School Students
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[Reston] | [2013] | 213 p.
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American Press Institute
Europe and North America
© American Press Institute 2013

The American Press Institute’s Introductory News Literacy Units are lightweight general usage lesson plans for introducing middle school students to how to read and understand news media and current events. While the Institute offers more specific and in-depth materials and ideas for promoting news literacy, these new units provide a resource for the time-pressed teacher working with students at an important age. Split into three units of one-to-two weeks each, the curriculum briefly overviews critical elements in news understanding and healthy processes for determining source information and bias. Individual lessons can be adapted and used to fit specific classroom needs.


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Teaching and learning materials
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Media and Information Literacy
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Secondary education


New literacy; Media literacy; Journalism; MIL