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Managing transnational UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa
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Paris, Cham | 2023 | 202 p.
978-92-3-100543-5 (UNESCO), 978-3-030-80909-6 (Springer)
Houehounha, Dodé, Moukala, Edmond
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© UNESCO 2023

Transnational UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa – Cooperation is the Key to Success Transnational UNESCO World Heritage sites are the ultimate manifestation of international cooperation − an enriching experience of interculturalism and dialogue between peoples. They offer a unique opportunity to explore and exchange effective and sustainable solutions to contemporary issues, such as climate change, migration, integration, confict and many others. For the frst time, this publication presents the most up-to-date and comprehensive work concerning Transnational UNESCO World Heritage sites in Africa, refecting the interdisciplinary and forward-looking approaches that have dominated research and conservation methodologies in recent decades. The diverse articles and case studies shine a light on how transnational management of properties in Africa provides a crosscutting and sustainable response to contemporary issues related to heritage and associated communities. It also explores the variety of challenges and opportunities related to the management of these sites and highlights best practices that have been implemented. This publication, together with UNESCO, calls on all States Parties to the World Heritage Convention, concerned international and regional organizations, and all relevant stakeholders to support efforts to protect and promote Africa’s rich cultural and natural heritage. It is through concerted action and joint activities that the recommendations from this publication can be implemented and thereby help preserve these properties for future generations.

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Diversity / cultural literacy / inclusive
Sustainable development / sustainability
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Transboundary protected areas
culture heritage
cultural property preservation
natural heritage
Nature conservation
Cultural management
Environmental management
international cooperation