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Mapping the Mainstreaming of Education for Sustainable Development Across SDG 4.7: A Comparative Analysis of the Mainstreaming of ESD in Cyprus, Greece, Malta and Turkey
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Venice | 2020 | 82 p.
Devonne Goad
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Europe and North America

The objective of the present report is to summarize the state of ESD implementation in Cyprus, Greece, Malta and Turkey. This report summarizes and shares the successes and challenges highlighted within National Implementation Reports, as such a summary could be an important contribution to UNESCO, as the organization is currently facilitating dialogues to establish the direction of the new global programme for ESD. For that reason, these four countries within the regional scope of the UNESCO Regional Bureau in Venice, Italy, were chosen for the preliminary study. For the purpose of this study, the binary data contained within the National Implementation reports of Cyprus, Greece, Malta and Turkey were extracted to summarize the state of ESD implementation.


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Case studies and research papers
International understanding / Globalisation / International education / Interdependency
Sustainable development / Sustainability / Environmental
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Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)
Primary education
Secondary education
Higher education
Lifelong learning
Non-formal education


Education for sustainable development; ESD; Sustainable development goals; SDGs