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Policies in Higher Education Planning: Budget, Strategic Plans and Global Educative Goals
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La Plata | 2016 | 106 p.
Carlos José Giordano; Fernando Tauber; Catalina Caminos Lagorio et al.
Latin America and the Caribbean

The document is a report from the Universidad Nacional de la Plata (UNLP), Argentina, that tries to explain de development of the Higher education planning policies from an analysis of the budgets and the strategic plans regarding global educative goals that have been accepted to constitute the macroinstitutional ideals of the system. The report tries to promote the circulation of a complex reflection of the place of the Universidad Nacional de la Plata in the Argentinian Higher Education system and of the discussion of the integral development of public policy models in the context of international globalized and cooperative-interinstitutional intentions.


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Policy and strategy materials
Programme reports and evaluations
International understanding / Globalisation / International education / Interdependency
Transformative initiatives / Transformative pedagogies
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Higher education


International education; Globalization