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Project Based Learning Ideas Guide: K-12 Learners
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| | 12 p.
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Global Digital Citizen Foundation

Project-based learning is a big part of today’s modern learning environments. It takes students on a cool journey of creativity, exploration, and true real-world relevance. What does PBL look like in action in your classroom?
Solution Fluency provides the building blocks for PBL. It’s a way for students to learn good problem-solving skills and to become successful with any challenge.
This PBL Ideas Book will help them do exactly that. Inside are classroom project ideas for years K–12. There are 9 awesome projects to choose from with choices for primary, middle, and senior grades. But wait—what if the scenario idea you like isn’t for your specific grade?
No problem at all. These PBL ideas are customizable and scalable for any grade level. They’re also cross-curricular in nature, and can be adapted to other subject areas.
Explore these scenarios and think creatively about how you can bring them to life for your students.

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Teaching and learning materials
Toolkits and practical guides
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
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Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)
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