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Regulatory Authorities for Electronic Media and Media Literacy: Comparative Analysis of the Best European Practices
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Strasbourg | 2018 | 74 p.
Robert Tomljenović
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Council of Europe
Europe and North America
© Council of Europe 2018

This study analyses the best European practices of promoting media literacy, one of the key skills for living in the 21st century, highlighting the vital role of the regulatory authority for electronic media. The study indicates challenges and issues that come with living in a digitalized, hyper-technological mediated world, in which we are faced with countless information, issues of disinformation and fake news, algorithmic separation in ideological echo chambers, hate speech, clickbait journalism, and decreased trust in both mainstream media and the level of journalistic professionalism.


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Case studies and research papers
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Media and Information Literacy
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Media literacy; Media literacy policies; Information literacy; Freedom of expression; MIL