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Religious Tolerance in Oman
Location of production | Year of production | Running time: 
Muscat | 2010 | 32:31 (32min 31sec)
Mohmmed Almamari
Corporate author: 
Oman TV
Arab States
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The documentary talks about religious tolerance in the Sultanate of Oman as an example, and about sectarian coexistence in the Sultanate. This issue is one of the problems of global citizenship in the Arab world. This experience makes director Wolfgang Etlsch approaching Islamic culture in the Sultanate of Oman using film model. He accompanies the viewer on a journey through the daily life of modern Oman and acquires an intimate knowledge of many aspects of society that are still hidden from Western visitors. The director is accompanied on his trip by an Omani who speaks German, which explains to him the social and cultural backgrounds of the Omani society. The film puts the foundation that Omani society is preparing its people as global citizens.

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Audio-visual materials
Cultural literacy / Intercultural / Cross-cultural / Multi-cultural
International understanding / Globalisation / International education / Interdependency
Inclusive / Diversity
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Non-formal education


Religious tolerance; Sectarian coexistence