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Reporting on Violence against Women and Girls: A Handbook for Journalists
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Paris | 2019 | 153 p.
ISBN 978-92-3-100349-3(eng); 978-92-3-200189-4(fre)
Anne-Marie Impe
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Ethical journalism is inseparable from fact-based journalism that seeks to promote gender equality in and through the media. This handbook aims to support media professionals in their coverage of the various types of violence against girls and women.
It provides advice, benchmarks and resources to help journalists and reporters ensure quality media coverage that is accurate, regular, engaged and respectful of the fundamental principles of the profession.
By adopting these principles, the media has the power to shed light on the extent and implications of violence against women and girls, and to inform victims about available resources for support. This can, in turn, influence public opinion and help stop violence against girls and women through collective awareness-raising of the human rights at stake.


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Toolkits and practical guides
Human rights / Human dignity
Peace / Culture of peace
Social justice / Equity
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Violence; Bullying; Cyberbullying; Peacebuilding; Human rights; Gender equality; Mass media