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Research on Civic Literacy Assessment Tools for Primary and Middle School Students (Journal of Shanghai Educational Research; No. 7)
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Shanghai | 2018 | p. 5-10
ISSN 1007-2020
Qin Jianping; Zhanf Hui; Chen Feipeng
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General Education Research Institute; Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences
Asia and the Pacific
© 秦建平, 张惠, 陈飞鹏 2018

Civic literacy is highly valued by international organizations and countries all over the world. China’s Ministry of Education has taken civic literacy as a key indicator for the comprehensive evaluation of the quality of primary and secondary education. Based on citizen, civic literacy connotation, civic education objective content, and common factors of civic literacy test, the dimensional structure hypothesis of civic literacy assessment for primary and middle school students was proposed, and the hypothesis was tested and corrected by using structural equation model, and the civic literacy test for primary and middle school students was developed. The reliability and validity meet the requirements of measurement and have a broad application prospect.


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Journal articles
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
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Primary education
Secondary education


Civic literacy; Evaluation research