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The Role of Education Towards Enhancing the Peaceful Coexistence Culture and Devoting the Citizenship Values of Postmodern Society
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Amman | 2019 | p. 72-91
ISSN 2617-9857
Lilia Bensouilah
Corporate author: 
Research & Development of Human Resources Center REMAH
Arab States

This study aims to examine the role of education in creation the peaceful coexistence culture, promote opportunities for cosmopolitan openness to the other, preserve mutual respect and legitimize culture of difference, tolerance and pluralism of religions, beliefs and ideologies away from all manifestations of intolerance, hatred and destructive conflicts that violate human rights.


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Case studies and research papers
Journal articles
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Cultural literacy / Intercultural / Cross-cultural / Multi-cultural
Human rights / Human dignity
Peace / Culture of peace
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Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)
Primary education
Secondary education
Higher education
Lifelong learning
Non-formal education


Peaceful coexistence; Global citizenship; Culture of peace; Postmodern society