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Saudi University Students’ Attitude Towards a Culture of Peace
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Amman | 2019 | p. 342-358
ISSN 2663-6212
Rowaidah Abdulhameed Saman
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The University of Jordan
Arab States

The aim of this study is to identify the attitudes of Saudi Universities’ students towards peace culture. The descriptive surveying approach was used on a sample of 1643 students. The frequency, percentages, arithmetic mean, Kay-box test, and T-test were used in the analysis. The results showed that Saudi students have a positive attitude towards (human rights, disarmament, conflict resolution skills, peace culture) while their attitudes were negative towards transferring bomb-making experience to Islamic countries. Also, females had more positive attitudes towards disarmament than male students.


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Case studies and research papers
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Higher education


Culture of peace; Peacebuilding; Human rights