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The Story of the Woodcutter and the Weaver's Daughter
Location of production | Year of production | Running time: 
Rabat | 2021 | 38:28 (38min 28sec)
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Arab States

The video is a purposeful story represented in some Arab values and noble morals. It is said, in the old days, that there was a young woodcutter named Nasir who was newly married and lived with his wife on the outskirts of a quiet rural village. He would go out to work every morning to cut wood and gather it from the nearby forest, and would not return home until after midday. One afternoon, he went out with his wife to the market, and there they met a young girl named Salwa who was selling hand-woven rugs.


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Teaching and learning materials
Audio-visual materials
Human rights / Human dignity
Peace / Culture of peace
Social justice / Equity
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Non-formal education


Human values; Human dignity; Ethics