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Strategy to Combat Desertification to Achieve Sustainable Development in the Arab World: A Study of Algeria 's National Program to Combat Desertification
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Algeria | 2019 | 198 p.
Boshwait Qairouz
Arab States

Regarding to its impacts on the economic, social and environnemental levels, desertification became one of critical environnemental issue that disturbs the international community. Especially in the dry land, semi dry land and semi humid dry lands. Desertification is the great durable development challenge based on three dimensions: economical efficiency, social justice and nature protection. Viewing the international trends towards achieving durable development, the Arab countries must create new durable strategies and methods, in order to face the phenomenon, these strategies should include the following dimensions: economical, social and environnemental one. Accounting the different reasons of desertification, its intensity and considering the financing capacity, it so difficult to expect one typical strategy that suits each Arab countries. To face such problem, Algeria like the other damaged countries takes needful procedures to combat this problem following a national programme which started in the sixteenth oh last century. To sum up, now days desertification till now a global issue, but the question which rest posing, If may we remove definitely such problem?


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التنوع الثقافي، الحوار بين الثقافات، الحوار، التفاهم، اللغات، المضامين الثقافية، التنمية المستدامة