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[Summary] Gender and EFA 2000-2015: Achievements and Challenges; EFA Global Monitoring Report 2015; Gender Summary
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Paris | 2015 | 49 p.
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Global Education Monitoring Report Team
Asia and the Pacific

This report describes an array of country efforts, some quite effective, to achieve and go beyond gender parity in education. Many of these policies and programmes focus on the immediate school environment in which girls learn. Others focus on the informal and formal laws, social norms and practices that deny girls their right of access to, and completion of, a full cycle of quality basic education. The analyses and key messages in Gender and EFA 2000–2015: Achievements and Challenges deserve careful scrutiny as the world embarks on a universal, integrated and even more ambitious sustainable development agenda in the years to come.


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Policy and strategy materials
Programme reports and evaluations
Social justice / Equity
Inclusive / Diversity
Sustainable development / Sustainability / Environmental
Level of education: 
Primary education
Secondary education


Girls education; Gender equality; Gender parity; Educational opportunities