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Third Global Report on Adult Learning and Education: The Impact of Adult Learning and Education on Health and Well-Being; Employment and the Labour Market; and Social, Civic and Community Life
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Hamburg | 2016 | 158 p.
ISBN 978-92-820-1213-0
Corporate author: 
UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

This Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE III) comes out as the international community works towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.  It is also reference and advocacy documents, providing information for analysts and policymakers, and reminding Member States of their commitment. Here policymakers will find high-quality evidence to support policies, strategies and budgets. Stakeholders will find compelling arguments for how adult learning and education promotes sustainable development, healthier societies, better jobs and more active citizenship. Researchers will find entry points and ideas for future research.




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Toolkits and practical guides
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
International understanding / Globalisation / International education / Interdependency
Social justice / Equity
Sustainable development / Sustainability / Environmental
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Lifelong learning
Non-formal education


Adult Learning, Sustainable Development Goals, Gender equality