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Transformative Learning Journeys: Venturing Into the Wilds of Global Citizenship Education
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[Berlin] | 2020 | 169 p.
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Bridge 47
Europe and North America
© Bridge 47, 2020

This book is a testimony of the Bridge 47 Transformative Learning Journeys – an experiment to expand our concepts and practices of Global Citizenship Education. It is a nevercomplete mosaic of experiences and personal reflections about transformation, decolonization and learning as an invitation to relate to and play with.

This book is dedicated to all the curious people out there who are passionate about education in caring for our world and each other - the dreamers, the healers, the lovers, the teachers for a different future to emerge. It goes to the fighters who are desperate and overwhelmed in face of complex challenges and are worn out by their struggle for justice and change – to find inspiration, energy and courage to treat ourselves gently, to let go and to make space for new things to emerge.


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Programme reports and evaluations
Civic / Citizenship / Democracy
Transformative initiatives / Transformative pedagogies
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Secondary education
Higher education
Lifelong learning
Non-formal education


Global Citizenship Education; Transformative education; COVID-19; Pandemic; GCE