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Developing Education Units in the Light of Democratic Values in the National and Civic Education Course and Its Impact on Political and Civic Participation and Peace Skills on Females Students in High Basic Female Schools in Jordan
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القدس, فلسطين | 2015 | p. 91-122
حداد، نهلا أمجد
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Al-Quds Open University
Арабские государства

This article aims to study the development of education units in the light of democratic values in the National and Civic Education Course and its impact on political and civic participation and peace skills on females students in high basic female schools in the Directorate of Mafraq. For this purpose, the researchers conducted a list of democratic values, and developed three units of teaching in the light of this system. The democratic values that have been relied upon were to develop the civic participation of the tenth grade students, the political participation among the ninth grade students, and the skills of peace among the eighth grade students.

Three tests have been prepared and confirmed. Tests were applied before the application of targeted educational units on a sample formed of the eighth grade consists of (87) divided into two groups (46 control and 41 experimental) . The ninth grade sample consists of 74 female students who were divided into two groups (37 control and 37 experimental) , and the tenth grade sample consists of 86 students who were divided into two groups (42 control and 44 experimental) . After processing the data statistically by (ANCOVA) , the results showed a statistically significant difference at the level of significance (a ≤ 0.05) due to the variable of the group in all the tests, and the differences were in favor of the three experimental groups which received the developed units in the three classes. In the light of these results, a number of recommendations are suggested.

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