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Round of Talks on Digital Education in the City of Buenos Aires: Teacher training related to digital education: curriculum design and implementation
Дата события: 
03.09.2021 - 30.09.2021
Место проведения: 
Online (Montevideo)

During 5 meetings between regional and international experts, actors of the educational community of the City of Buenos Aires and the technical teams of the Ministry of Education, there will be an exchange on current issues related to the challenges in the educational field presented by a society mediated by digital technologies that is constantly changing and transforming.


The talks are an opportunity to share achievements, challenges, lessons learned and obstacles that have been encountered during the first 10 years of Digital Education in the City of Buenos Aires, as well as a space to learn about experiences from other localities that allow us to reflect on educational systems and rethink which traditions need to be revalued and which others could be innovated and transformed for the future.


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