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Because youth perspectives matter: UNESCO toolbox for youth policy and programming
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| 2023 | 304p.
ISBN: 978-92-3-100621-0
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© UNESCO 2023

<Short summary>

Placing trust in youth voices

Young people fear for their future. Pandemics, conflict, climate change, inequality – these are the issues defining their reality.

Yet their potential to provide solutions to the multiple crises is not realized. From low representation and tokenistic approaches, to institutional obstacles to participation and limited civic spaces, young people are disconnected from influencing decisions and actions that affect their lives. They need real opportunities to participate in decision-making and contribute to practical solutions.

Policy-makers, public officials and practitioners – as well as development sector and civil society actors – can and should create such opportunities for youth. This Toolbox is a comprehensive go-to resource to make that possible. It is intended to support these stakeholders in designing and implementing effective policies and programmes to address the multidimensional needs of youth at national and local levels.

It consists of:

• A guide for participatory youth policy design;

• Intergenerational dialogue tools on holistic youth development and youth civic engagement; and

• A training tool on meaningful youth engagement. Together, we can prove that youth perspectives matter.

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Instrumentos normativos internacionales / documentos de política y promoción
Derechos humanos
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Educación Primaria
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youth participation
participatory development
policy making
social policy