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Media Literacy for Global Education: Toolkit for Youth Multipliers
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Lisbon | 2022 | 48 p.
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North-South Centre of the Council of Europe; Council of Europe; EU


This toolkit targets youth multipliers and educators and gathers practical and contextual information about Media Literacy (ML) and its contribution to the field of Global Education (GE). Its activities and fact sheets are focused on non-formal learning contexts, but they can also be implemented in schools since the toolkit combines the most recent developments in GE, ML and Digital Citizenship Education useful to enrich formal school curricula. All the practical activities proposed in the toolkit are in line with the Competences for Democratic Culture and the Human Rights approach of the Council of Europe.

The toolkit’s main aim is to empower practitioners on ML, but also to provide the wider public with the knowledge and tools to become more responsible and active citizens, offering activities focused on the critical analysis and production of media messages, analysis of algorithms, active participation in societies, maintenance of privacy, maintenance of well-being and management of e-identity.


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Programmes d'études, matériel d'enseignement et d'apprentissage et guides
Instruction civique / citoyenneté / démocratie
Éducation aux médias et à l'information / citoyenneté numérique
Mondialisation et justice sociale / compréhension internationale
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Enseignement primaire
Enseignement secondaire
Enseignement supérieur
Enseignement et formation techniques et professionnels (EFTP)
Éducation non formelle