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Subject of "Public": The New Development of School Citizenship Education Curriculum of Japan (Studies in Foreign Education; Vol. 46, No. 9)
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Changchun | 2018 | p. 16-28
ISSN 1006-7469
Sun Cheng; Karaki Kiyoshi
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Northeast Normal University
Asia y el Pacífico
©  孙成, 唐木清志 2018

The “Modern Society” subject of the Japanese high school will be completely changed to the “public” subject since 2022. Compared with the current “modern society” subject, the upcoming “public” subject have a lot of developments and changes in the objectives, content and learning methods. As a civic education curriculum, the “public” subject’s ideological function is more prominent, the practical orientation is more distinct, and the open characteristics are more prominent. However, there are still many controversies and topics in the course attributes, curriculum settings and evaluation methods of the “public” subject, which need to be further studied and discussed.


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Artículos de revistas
Cívico / ciudadanía / democracia
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Educación Secundaria

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Japan; Civics; Citizenship education; Public; Curriculum guidelines