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Constructing the Global Dimension of Ideological and Political Education From the Perspective of “Community With a Shared Future for Mankind” (Ideological and Political Education Research; Vol. 36, No. 2)
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Harbin | 2020 | p. 83-87
ISSN 1672-9749
Cao Qingyan; Peng Jiaojiao
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Harbin University of Science and Technology
Азия и Тихий океан
© 曹清燕, 彭娇娇 2020

In the context of building a community with a shared future for mankind, issues such as “global crisis”, the negative impact of ultra-nationalism and the conflicts in the confrontation of “multi-cultures” all challenge the ideological and political education in the context of nation-states. Therefore, it is necessary and urgent to pay attention to the global dimension of ideological and political education. The global dimension of ideological and political education is guided by the concept of “a community with a shared future for mankind” and aims to cultivate social members with global awareness, recognition of global common values and global participation ability. It is not the rejection and denial of the national dimension of ideological and political education, and it is also different from the western global citizenship education in essence. The global dimension of ideological and political education needs to be promoted from three aspects: policy design, multi-force participation and network technology.


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Political education; Ideological education; Global dimension