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Flexible Strategies for Ensuring Quality Learning Outcomes in Education in Emergencies: NEQMAP 2021 Thematic Review
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Bangkok | 2021 | 19 p.
Pina Tarricone; Ian Teo; Kemran Mestan; Kris Sundarsagar; Ashtamurthy Killimangalam; Nordin Abd Razak
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UNESCO Bangkok
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© UNESCO 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted schooling for students globally and challenged how policy-makers might respond and recover from this protracted emergency. In collaboration with NEQMAP, the GEM Centre has conducted a rapid review of policy and practice documents for 14 countries, and an online survey with policy-makers in 7 of them to identify the types of flexible learning strategies that were implemented over the course of this pandemic. An education in emergencies Policy Monitoring Framework was used both to guide the analysis of documents and survey data, and to provide the basis for reporting findings.

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Исследовательские работы / журнальные статьи
Глобализация и социальная справедливость / международное взаимопонимание
Трансформативные инициативы / трансформационная педагогика
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