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SDG-4: Flexible Learning Pathways in Higher Education – from Policy to Practice: An International Comparative Analysis
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Paris | 2022 | 325 p.
ISBN 978-92-803-1454-0
Michaela Martin; Uliana Furiv
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Higher education systems across the world are currently faced with a massive influx of learners with more diverse needs. They are expected to respond to this growing diversity through a more flexible learning offer and pathways that allow all learners, including those from disadvantaged groups, to access, progress through, and complete, higher education.
To enhance knowledge on how to provide increased flexibility in higher education, IIEP–UNESCO undertook an international research project on SDG-4: Planning for Flexible Learning Pathways (FLPs) in Higher Education. The project included a stocktaking of policies, instruments, and practices, an international survey among UNESCO Member States, and eight in-depth country studies on Chile, Finland, India, Jamaica, Malaysia, Morocco, South Africa, and the UK.
This book presents the findings from the research, including a cross-country analysis of available FLP policies and practices, and how they enhance equitable higher education systems. It also presents a series of country experiences with innovative approaches to alternative entry, flexible progression, and governance systems in support of FLPs.


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Distance education
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