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Human Rights Education: Key Success Factors
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Paris | 2023 | 59 p.
ISBN 978-92-3-100647-0
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This study, commissioned by the UNESCO in cooperation with the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), examines the impact of human rights education (HRE) pedagogies and good practices worldwide, with a specific focus on the primary and secondary levels in formal education. Using a data-driven approach that includes a literature review and surveys and interviews with informants, the study identifies key success factors for impactful HRE and provides recommendations for future research and practice.


The study finds that HRE can have a positive impact on learners’ knowledge and understanding of human rights, as well as their attitudes and behaviours related to human rights. It is an essential resource for education stakeholders looking to promote HRE at all levels of society and through a lifelong learning lens.

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Documentos de investigación / artículos de revistas
Cívico / ciudadanía / democracia
Derechos humanos
Globalización y justicia social / Entendimiento internacional
Desarrollo sostenible / sostenibilidad
Iniciativas transformadoras / pedagogías transformadoras
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Educación Primaria
Educación Secundaria
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human rights
human rights education