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La contribución de la educación inicial para una sociedad sustentable
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Paris | 2009 | 140p
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This report originates from the international workshop, ‘The Role of Early Childhood Education for a Sustainable Society’, jointly organized in Göteborg, Sweden, by Göteborg University, Chalmers University of Technology and the City of Göteborg, from 2 to 4 May 2007. It was attended by thirty-five participants from sixteen different countries (see ‘List of Participants’). The workshop was a follow-up to the international conference on education for sustainable development, ‘Learning to Change Our World’, held in May 2004, in Göteborg. It was one of four preparatory workshops leading to another international conference on education for sustainable development, to be organized in 2008 or 2009, in the same city. The aim of the four workshops is to discuss promoters and barriers related to learning for sustainability, and to propose recommendations for the upcoming international conference. The present workshop was conceived for the following reasons. First, our societies urgently require new kinds of education that can help prevent further degradation of our planet, and that foster caring and responsible citizens genuinely concerned with and capable of contributing to a just and peaceful world. Second, these new kinds of education must be available to all – not only a handful of people – and take place in various settings, including families and communities. Third, they must begin in early childhood, as the values, attitudes, behaviours and skills acquired in this period may have a long-lasting impact in later life. Thus, early childhood education clearly has an important place in the efforts to bring about sustainable development.

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early childhood education; environmental education; peace education;sustainable development; case studies
peace; culture of peace; developing countries; sustainable development; sustainability; global citizenship education