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Los dos primeros años del Decenio de las Naciones Unidas de la Educación para el Desarrollo Sostenible (2005-2014)
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Paris | 2007 | 70p
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The implementation of the DESD has made considerable progress since its international launch in March 2005. Apart from regional and national launches, progress has been achieved in both institutional and programmatic areas at international, regional and national levels. The objective of this report is not solely to highlight and showcase to Member States all that has been achieved in the two years since the international launch. The report also takes stock of on-going UNESCO initiatives, established prior to the Decade, which are providing major contributions to the implementation of the DESD, and thus cannot be by-passed. Equally important are the recommendations to remedy problems in the implementation of the DESD and strengthen those measures that are working efficiently.

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Informes y evaluaciones del programa
entendimiento internacional / globalización / educación internacional / interdependencia
Desarrollo sostenible / sostenibilidad / medio ambiente

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education for sustainable development; educational programmes; international cooperation; evaluation
Africa; Arab States; Asia and the Pacific; Europe; North America; Latin America; Caribbean; sustainable development; sustainability; environmental education; globalization; interdependence; global citizenship education