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Why and how Africa should invest in African languages and multilingual education: an evidence- and practice-based policy advocacy brief
Место публикации | Год издания | Компиляция: 
Hamburg | 2010 | 73 p.
Adama Ouane; Christine Glanz
Совместное авторство: 
UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning; Association for the Development of Education in Africa

This advocacy brief seeks to show the pivotal role of languages in achieving such learning. It aims in particular to dispel prejudice and confusion about African languages, and exposes the often hidden attempt to discredit them as being an obstacle to learning. It draws on research and practice to argue what kind of language policy in education would be most appropriate for Africa.

Тип ресурса: 
Тематические исследования и исследовательские работы
Культурная грамотность / межкультурная / поликультурная / многокультурная
Многоязычный / двуязычный / родной язык
инклюзивность / разнообразие

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lifelong education; African languages; bilingual education; mother tongue instruction; educational policy; Africa