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Early Childhood: Neuroscience and Child Development
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| 2020 | 56:32 (56min 32sec)
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Telefonica Movistar Foundation Peru
Латинская Америка и Карибский бассейн

Understanding brain development is a fundamental basis for understanding what happens in the first years of life and rethinking the practice of parenting at home and educational practice as well as public policies. Many hypotheses have been put forward about the development of the brain in the first years of life, some truths and some myths. This video describes the concept of neuroscience and classifies it into: social neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, emotional neuroscience, and educational neuroscience. It poses the great challenges of neuroscience. It presents 15 important evidences of child development in which neuroscience is involved.


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Мультимедийные материалы
Уровень образования: 
Воспитание и образование детей младшего возраста (ВОДМ)