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Education in a Post-COVID World: Towards a Rapid Transformation Mission Recovering Education in Humanitarian Settings Brief
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| 2023 | 6 p.
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Towards the goal of COVID-19 recovery for crisis-affected children, UNICEF has been implementing the Mission: Recovering Education in Humanitarian Settings programme in 27 countries and across all seven regional offices, with support from the United States government. This programme emerged from Mission: Recovering Education, globally launched in 2021 by UNICEF, UNESCO and the World Bank. To examine how these programme countries have progressed in recovering and accelerating learning through the five key policy actions in the RAPID framework, this brief presents findings from the 4th round of the Survey on National Education Responses to COVID-19 School Closures (‘joint survey’), administered between April to July 2022, and the Global Education Recovery Tracker (‘GERT’), administered between May to July 2022. These findings are a follow-up to the 1st round of RAPID data collected in March 2022.

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human rights education
Education for sustainability
inclusive education
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