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Decenio de las Naciones Unidas de la educación para el desarrollo sostenible (2005-2014): plan de aplicación internacional
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Paris | 2005 | 36p
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The International Implementation Scheme (IIS) sets out a broad framework for all partners to contribute to the Decade. It is a strategic document that focuses primarily on what nations have committed to achieve through the DESD and under UNESCO’s leadership. It summarizes the goals and objectives of the Decade, and its relationship to other key education movements. It emphasizes the importance of partnership in the eventual success of the Decade and outlines how these might contribute at all levels – community, national, regional, and international. It outlines UNESCO’s leadership tasks. The IIS also lists key milestones for the DESD. It then lays out seven strategies for moving forward with ESD and describes how this wide range of partners can develop contributions based on their particular contexts. Those not familiar with the background of the Decade or Education for Sustainable Development are referred to Annex I of this document, which provides a succinct summary of key trends as well as other important background information. The IIS should foster collective ownership of the DESD. The IIS describes pathways forward in the hope that it will stimulate imagination, creativity, and energy to make the DESD a success. It is envisaged that regions and nations will create plans, strategic approaches, and timetables on the basis of the framework provided by this International Implementation Scheme.

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Политические и стратегические материалы
Международное понимание / глобализация / международное образование / взаимозависимость
Устойчивое развитие / устойчивость / экология

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education for sustainable development; international cooperation; planning
sustainable development; sustainability; environmental education; globalization; interdependence; global citizenship education