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Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: Handbook for National Human Rights Institutions (Professional Training Series No.12)
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نيويورك; جنيف | 2005 | xi, 148 p.
ISBN 92-1-154163-8 (eng); 92-1-654013-3 (ara)
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United Nations. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
© United Nations 2005

This publication reviews economic, social and cultural human rights. It is a guide to national institutions produced by the United Nations. The guide is a reference in all matters related to human rights to create a decent life for people, and to clarify the role that governments should play in this regard.
This handbook is intended to help national human rights institutions maximize the effectiveness of their functions and powers in addressing economic, social and cultural rights. Its aim is to assist national human rights institutions in the development of policies, processes and skills to integrate economic, social and cultural rights further into their work, thereby enabling them to address poverty and development, for example, through an economic, social and cultural rights framework.
This handbook will discuss ways in which national human rights institutions can become more effective in protecting and promoting economic, social and cultural rights. It will examine how national institutions’ legal mandates can be interpreted to incorporate economic, social and cultural rights within their jurisdictions, how their functions and powers can be exercised more appropriately in regard to these rights, how they can use their resources most efficiently and effectively and how they can implement economic, social and cultural rights in the political and social contexts in which they operate.


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Политические и стратегические материалы
Наборы инструментов и практические руководства
Права человека / человеческое достоинство
Социальная справедливость
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Human rights; Social rights; Governments; Well-being