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Developing Digital Citizens: Media Literacy Education for All Students
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New York | 2020 | 50 p.
Jessica R. Wolff; Ann LoBue; Michael A. Rebell
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DemocracyReady NY
Европа и Северная Америка
© DemocracyReady NY 2020

Developing Digital Citizens: Media Literacy Education for All Students, a new report from DemocracyReady NY, calls for immediate and decisive steps to require media literacy education in schools throughout New York State. Stressing that “the internet has become the new public square,” it asserts that “to be democracy ready, all students must be media literate.”. The report defines what media literacy encompasses in an increasingly digital age, and establishes a clear framework to ensure that all students become media literate civic participants.


This report includes recommendations for:

  1. Clear state standards for media literacy education
  2. Qualified personnel for teaching media literacy
  3. Suitable MLE curricula and course offerings
  4. Up-to-date facilities, instructional materials, and technology
  5. Transparent monitoring and reporting of MLE resources and results.


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Тематические исследования и исследовательские работы
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Медийная и информационная грамотность
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Воспитание и образование детей младшего возраста (ВОДМ)
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Digital citizenship; Media literacy; Media literacy education; MIL; MLE