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Gender-Based Hate Crime
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Warsaw | 2021 | 3 p.
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Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)
Европа и Северная Америка
© OSCE 2021

Gender-based hate crimes are a consequence of gender inequalities and disproportionately affect women, as well as anyone perceived as not complying with prevailing gender norms. Gender-based hate crimes often seek to intimidate and suppress ways of life or expressions of identity that are perceived as not complying with traditional gender norms. They have a significant, long-lasting impact on the victims, and undermine security and social cohesion by perpetuating gender inequalities. The existence of such crimes also underscores wider trends of intolerance towards other groups. Everyone has a role to play in countering this and all forms of intolerance.


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Плакаты, инфографика, листовки
Права человека / человеческое достоинство
Предотвращение насильственного экстремизма
Социальная справедливость
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Неформальное образование

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Hate crime; Gender-based violence; Equality