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Education in a Post-COVID World: Towards a Rapid Transformation Advocacy Brief
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| 2023 | 4 p.
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Around the world, a lack of support for foundational learning is depriving millions of children of their right to learn. But while this is a global challenge, it is not an impossible one. UNICEF and partners have developed an evidence-based solutions framework that clearly sets out what we know works to get children learning. This framework, known as RAPID, covers five key actions: Reach every child and keep them in school; Assess learning levels regularly; Prioritize teaching the fundamentals; Increase the efficiency of instruction, including through catch-up learning; and Develop psychosocial health and wellbeing. Using the latest results from the Global Education Recovery Tracker (GERT) (collected between May and July 2022), this brief sets out the global progress made under each RAPID action and highlights lessons learned from around the world. Finally, the brief points out areas for improvement so governments can take targeted action to reach every child.

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